Blue Knights® International - Members and Motorcycle Safety
Last updated: 11-Aug-2016

The sport of motorcycle riding is rewarding and fun. This hobby, leisure activity, fraternal sport, or even job requirement is the primary bond that brings this law enforcement organization together. However, all members inherit a certain level of risk when riding on only two wheels. Dangers conditions are created from the inattention of other drivers, environment or external factors, and sometimes from the lack of experience and training by riders themselves. This page will serve as a starting point for many tips and tricks, informational articles, and links to various outside resources to promote rider safety and accident prevention.

MC Safety Video - It's a Fine Line!

This is an excellent video published by It's a Fine Line on MC Braking. Enjoy their series of videos as new and experienced riders will all benefit.


Blue Knights® International - Basic Group Riding Handbook

After several years of involved research and work, the Safety Committee has published the Basic Group Riding Handbook to share with the membership.

Here is an excellent example on the use of Hand Signals while operating your motorcycle in a group.

Safety Tips for the First Time Passenger sent an article to us as reference material to help the first time passengers understand a few safety tips concerning clothing, helmet and riding positions.

There is a multitude of other links to various safety pages on the web as well. Great reading for those of you who are new to the sport, and wish to participate in a safe manner.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation web site is full of course information and free to download safety tips. The MSF is an internationally recognized not-for-profit foundation, supported by motorcycle manufacturers, that provides leadership to the motorcycle safety community through its expertise, tools, and partnerships. A large number of our members are MSF instructors.
Roger Byars
International Safety Officer

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Information and Safety Downloads
For more information, including videos, visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation website.

Pay attention out there and ensure you have an escape route planned at all times. This graphic provides some basic distances when riding as a group.

two lanes