Blue Knights® International - Hand Signals
Last updated: 13-Aug-2016

Hand Signals On The Road

The "Hand Signals" below are the common and standard signals used almost universally by motorcyclist. During moving formations hand signals have been time tested and proven to be the fastest and most effective technique for communicating directions, formations, movement, pace, and road hazards to other riders in our group. Please learn and use these hand signals when riding in groups or alone, as they are also well known to most motorist also. Share the road and "signal" your intentions. "Ride with Pride!".....ride SAFE! International Safety Officer Roger Byars

haz left
Hazard Left
haz right
Hazard Right
haz back
Hazard Ahead

Left Turn

Right Turn

All Stop

Slow Down

Speed Up

Start Your Engines

Tighter Formation

Staggered Formation

Single File Formation