Blue Knights® International - Scholarship Fund
Last updated: 03-Feb-2019

Realizing that the youth of today will be the future leaders of tomorrow, the purpose of this scholarship is to assist with the continued education and further development of those potential leaders. Blue Knights® International will make available five (5) $500.00 USD academic scholarships each year. Since we are a law enforcement organization, scholarships may even be used to attend a basic law enforcement academy.

The Blue Knights® Scholarship is intended to be a method of giving back to our members, and to promote that we are a family oriented club. We are asking our membership, not only in North America, but from our chapters overseas to solicit participation from qualified family members.

For the purpose of this scholarship, immediate family members shall be described as:
• Son/step-son
• Daughter/step-daughter
• Grandchild/step-Grandchild

This scholarship is limited to those 25 years of age or younger on June 15th, 2019.

Blank applications will be made available by the International office and must be postmarked and returned to the Scholarship Committee no later than the date specified on the application. Once the application date has passed, the committee chairman shall contact the other committee members and begin the selection process. Received applications will be screened for compliance with the scholarship criteria. Those meeting the criteria will have their essay graded by each committee member.

The top 25% of essays will advance to a lottery to determine the five (5) recipients. The lottery drawing will be held at the annual International General Membership meeting. The applicants selected will be notified by mail and directed to contact the International Treasurer and supply requested information. The treasurer shall issue a check (U.S. funds) in the name of the Institution and the applicant.

All submissions will be forwarded to the committee who will evaluate each of them.

You would be wise to download both the Application and Guidelines.

Mail In Application   Scholarship Guidelines
PDF Scholarship Application   PDF Scholarship Guidelines

Notice Scholarship applications must be received at our
International Headquarters no later than June 15th, 2019

2018 International Scholarship Winners

The following students have won the 2018 Annual bursary awards...

Katelyn Frankens - TX XXII

Kristen Riley Strebe - MO IV

Jacob Nitch - IL XII

Jai Cecilia Bitsoih - NM VI

Remington Wilson - MO X

Congratulations to all and we hope your educational endeavours come to fruition.