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Last updated: 06-Apr-2018

cameraWelcome to our Blue Knights® International Photo Album page. It is our intention to bring you some insight into what we do, and who we are through photos and videos of our International Conventions. We have been working on collecting photographs of our Founding Fathers as well. If you have a picture which you can scan into digital image, please forward to our webmaster.


2015 International Convention Parade - Reno NV




Blue Knight Member Dave Early - Thailand


Here is a website that has a focus on the Asian Golden Triangle



International Convention - 2014 Austria

There are several movies available to our membership through You-Tube. This movie is a culmination of pictures taken by our International President DJ Alvarez.





International Chaplain Rev. R. Bartley

It could not have happened without help from friends, churches, businesses and the Blue Knights!



Drive To Remember for Fallen Officers 2008

View this excellent video of their past Ride for Fallen Officers!



My Dad is a Marine, my grandpa is keeping my bike in shape till I'm ready to ride!


Future Knight


International Convention - 2012 - Tyler, Texas, USA

Our International conventions (usually 5 days) and Conference meetings (variable from 3-4) are about riding your motorcycle to the event and having a grand time along the way. Touring can be a satisfying experience if you are by yourself or with your friends. Riding the countryside going places you have never been to before and being able to smell the air with the wind all around. Meeting old friends and making new ones is part of the enjoyment. Our convention holds the B.O.G (Board of Governors) meeting on Monday morning followed up by a general membership meeting in the afternoon. The host chapter has spent up to 2 years planning rides, tours and a whole host of things to do and see while you are visiting their city.


Below are just a sample of the camaraderie and friends we hold dear to our hearts...


  • Welcome to Texas!





International Flag Parade


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American Police Hall of Fame
Blue Knights® International Museum Exhibit Video




International Convention - 1975
Squaw Mountain @ Greenville, Maine, USA

An aerial view of the first Blue Knights International convention!

first convention



Blue Knights® International Headquarters - Bangor, Maine, USA

HQ Now


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