Blue Knights® International - Founders
Last updated: 19-Sep-2022

camera Our Founding Fathers are very important to our "Family Oriented" organization. Below are a few photos that have been obtained to highlight and memorialize those 8 officers who started the Blue Knights® in a basement in 1974.

Mike Hall
Founding father Mike Hall (left) with 2016 President DJ Alvarez (right)

Founding Fathers

A newspaper article (circa 1974) with 6 of our 8 founders. From Left to Right:

Mike Hall, Doug Minor, Chuck Shuman, Ed Gallant, Chuck Gessner, Joel Rudom
(not in picture - Bill Robinson, Wayne Labree)

Chuck Shuman

1st President of the Blue Knights International LEMC Chuck Shuman

BK Sign
Roger Mailhiot (INTL President) and Mike Fletcher putting up the 1st Blue Knights office sign


Chuck Shuman and his daughter Vicki (circa 2012)

Ed Gallant

Ed Gallant at the International Convention 2012 - Tyler TX, USA


Wayne LaBree and Chuck Shuman in Europe


Chuck Shuman, Ed Gallant and Wayne LaBree
10th Anniversary Convention in Orono ME (University of Maine)

We are still looking for pictures of other Founding Fathers. In all probability you may have one in your home photo album that needs to be converted to a digital image by scanning it. The webmaster can assist you in that aspect if you wish to postal mail the photo he will return it to you.

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