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Last updated: 15-Jun-2018
Membership Login - README!

NoticeThe ability to log into many password protected, online services of this web site requires a membership-based username and password, unique to each member. Posting online what our login username and password is defeats the purpose of having such password protected content; therefore it will not be visible here on the website.

If you do not know how to log into the secure members only area of our website, ask another chapter member in your chapter, prior to sending the webmaster or HQ an e-mail please. If your chapter representatives do not know, continue through the chain of command by asking a conference officer or representative. E-mail support for all 20,000+ members through the INTL office and the webmaster is not very effective due to the overwhelming number of frequently asked questions.

Understand that our access is a basic requirement of membership and how to login is common knowledge. All chapters have the shared responsibility of communicating login information to their members.

If you are a chapter or conference officer, please make it a point at your very next meeting to bring up this topic. Effective communication is important for the success of any organization, and we should all do our part in improving the knowledge base from within. We appreciate your assistance.

Membership Login (Quarterly Updates)

New members are processed in the order applications are received, and the website is "batch" updated once a month. If you are new to the organization, or have a late membership renewal please be patient as administrative and website staff work to add you into the system.

The monthly update process also completely resets the password protection for our site. This means your browser may not "remember" your password immediately following an update.

How to join the Bulletin Board System (Forums)

Visit the members only section and select BBS Instructions from the menu options, to find information on how to join the bulletin board. You must be able to log into the members only section first, then you can create your own account for the Bulletin Board. Please read the instructions completely prior to starting the procedure.

Conference & Chapter Menu Links

questions Conference and chapter website links are accessible from the drop-down menu at the top of every page. If your chapter website is not included or you need to report a chapter website URL change or addition, use the Contact Us to send a message to the Website Administration Staff. Presently only chapters with a website are linked to the top menu. Our Conference/Chapters database contains a list of all chapters world wide.

Heaven I List

If a current Blue Knight chapter member has past away their death must be reported to HQ. The President of your chapter may use the Heaven I Reporting option to send an e-mail or complete the form found in this page.

If a chapter member has been with Heaven I for over 3 months, and you are not finding their information posted in the Heaven I memorial, please have your chapter President contact HQ via e-mail with the pertinent information.

Unable to Find or See a Menu Item

There are times we need to restructure our menu system in order to accommodate modifications to this website. Menu items such as newsletters, minutes of meetings or discount offers may have been moved to a different related category so similar items are displayed at the same time. We may have renamed the menu item to better reflect what is represented.

This website offers our membership a tremendous volume of information which you are guided by our primary menu structures. If you are in the members only section and unable to see the chapter links because the members menu is blocking the view, switch to the public index page and try again.

A trick that is very useful is to change the view of your browser by pressing and hold the control key then roll your mouse wheel. Conversely if you are having difficulty viewing the smaller screen fonts, you can enlarge the size in this manner.

International and Chapter Sales

All related information concerning International and Chapter Sales can be viewed from the Members Only menu system. Please log in with your membership credentials.


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