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Last updated: 04-Apr-2014

The Blue Knights® News is the official publication of the Blue Knights®. It is published on a quarterly basis in a periodical format.

The purpose of the magazine is to provide a means of communication within the Club outside of the Internet service we provide. Since the foundation of the Club is a social one, the foundation of the News is social as well. It is a means for Chapters, Conferences, and individual members to send out information on what is happening in their regions of the world. The magazine has come a long way since the start of our Club in 1974.

At first it was just a single typed sheet, sent out by the office secretary and the President. It expanded to a newspaper style publication and was officially given the name: Blue Knights® News. This had been suggested by Tiny Scales of FL I (Gainesville). After a couple of years it stopped all together and was revived by the Board in 1981. Mike Fletcher (International Director at the time) would type up an info sheet after each International Board meeting and send it out to all the chapters.

A year later, Al Porter of ONT III (Windsor) was recruited to become the editor. The News was expanded to include chapter articles, and photos. The magazine underwent various changes, both in format and style, but always remained faithful to being a communication outlet for the members. In 1987, Mike Fletcher took over the post of Executive Editor, when Al decided he could no longer do it due to a move to Nova Scotia and a job change.

The NEWS has come a long way from the one-page info sheets that first went out to the Chapters only. It is now a magazine, averaging 32 pages per issue and is sent to each individual member world-wide. The current and back issues of the Blue Knights® News are also available for download (Acrobat pdf format) in the "Members Only" area of this website.

In September 2012 the club hired a publisher Southern Biker Magazine™ to produce a modern colorful magazine with greater potential. This magazine will be mailed to our membership with the benefit of the ability to view online from the members only section.

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Visit their web site for further information on how your club may benefit from their experience. Members are invited to log into the "Members Only" section to read the Sword & Shield magazine which includes our sales catalog on line.

Submit Articles

VIA E-mail

  • As a Microsoft Word (.doc) attachment
  • OR in the body of the e-mail itself
  • Article to be single spaced, typed in upper & lower case letters
  • Chapter articles not to exceed 120 words
  • Conference articles not to exceed 250 words
  • Remember to include photo captions
  • Include your chapter number and city at the very beginning for identification purposes eg: Ontario II (Ottawa)
  • For special articles contact the editor direct


Send all correspondence to:
Mike Ripsch (Editor)

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Send all articles to the Editor. Any articles sent to the International office, may not be forwarded in time to meet the deadlines.

Submit Photos

Photos may be submitted as follows:

  • Electronically, as e-mail attachments in high resolution color only (at least 300dpi), .jpg or .tif formats. Smaller images will not print properly in a magazine article. The larger sizes allow us to adjust the photo to accommodate the space allocated for your article.
  • Spring: February 5
  • Summer: May 5
  • Fall: August 15
  • Winter: November 5

Submission of articles does not guarantee publication. Articles may be edited due to space limitations.

Advertizing Costs

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Randy Gracy (Publisher)
Phone: +1 (865) 257-2279
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