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Last updated: 22-Jul-2014

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The Blue Knights® International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc. is a non-profit fraternal organization consisting of active and retired law enforcement officers who enjoy riding motorcycles. In the Spring of 1974, several law enforcement officers from the Bangor, Maine, USA area met and formed a small, local motorcycle club.  The Blue Knights have more than 630 chapters and 20,000+ members in 24 countries. Read more...

ARROWBlue Knights® Corporate E-Mail

All International Reps / Conference Chairs / Chapter Presidents please read the members only home page for further details. You have your own assigned corporate Email address for internal communications and related business.

R.A.P. (Roadside Assistance Program)

For some members living in the northern climates, riding season is almost here once again. What will you do when your bike breaks down or involved in a motor vehicle accident along your trip. Our R.A.P. database is designed to provide quick access to other members who have indicated they will help you. Is your information added to the list? See our members home page and look for the RAP menu item. It is also available on our mobile APP too.

Reporting Heaven I Members

Chapter Presidents are to complete the Heaven I form found by clicking on the 'Contact Us' tab from the public menu. Please note: Facebook is not the official reporting format to notify headquarters on the death of a member.

MS Explorer Black Screen Bug Fix

We have received many complaints from people who are using Microsoft Explorer 9.0 while viewing our website and find the screen goes black on them when they are completing a forum.

It is a known bug in the Explorer software but you can fix the problem with the 'compatibility view' button in their software. Simply turn it on. It looks like a torn piece of paper along the top of the address bar.

"The Compatibility List is frequently updated, and Internet Explorer automatically downloads these updates. This list includes sites that might've been designed for older or other browsers, sites that use Adobe Flash Player, and other settings that help give you a better browsing experience."

In some instances, it is caused by the various add-ons the user has included in Explorer, which if you disabled troubles may be solved. If you are tired of it switch to Google Chrome which is compatible with all websites in the world.

The site is optimized for 1024x768 screen resolution and is in fact designed with older browsers in mind. Not everyone in the world has the most modern of equipment or fastest I-Net connection.

Ride with Pride' - Our Song

tunesClick to listen to our Blue Knights® song "Ride With Pride" by Crystal Swygert.

WinzipDownload a copy of this song for your website. There are several versions contained within this file for a number of different players.



2013 Recruiting Video

Our new Blue Knights® International Official recruiting video from our Vice-President D.J. Alvarez. The gathering of long time friends who are enjoying themselves making new friends at various Blue Knights events. We trust this video will help you understand the fun and camaraderie of our organization from around the world. Feel free to imbed the link in your own chapter web site.