Anthony "Tony" Somers
Transferred from ON VIII

Anthony "Tony" Somers was born in England April 28th, 1942. Tony and his wife Marion immigrated to Canada in 1979. The Somers family settled outside the Toronto area where Tony eventually became a motorcycle mechanic. Fortunately for Ontario VIII Tony and Marion moved to Shanty Bay outside the city of Barrie, Ontario and Tony opened his own motorcycle repair shop. Tony's personality, work protocol and ethic, drew a dedicated business following. Tony's attitude towards others is demonstrated in that when first approached to join Ontario VIII as an Honorary member he identified, and stepped aside that another person could become a member.

Leukemia began a battle with Tony that he eventually lost May 17th, 2000. In true Tony Somers fashion at no time did he ever complain. His focus was always to others. The chapter was lucky to obtain his membership early in 2000. The chapter knowing he would not win his last battle wished he be included in an organization to which qualities of membership he epitomized.

Tony became a member early in 2000, his last year. He was and did us proud. He is greatly missed.