John "Salty" Long
Transferred from IL I in 2007

John Salty Long

Family and friends mourn the loss of John Long, aka "Salty". John, our President of Illinois Chapter 1, passed away Sunday, September 9, 2007, after a battle with cancer.

John was a patrolman and investigator for the Pekin Police Department for 25 years and had received numerous letters of commendation along with a Life Saving Award. He was a self defense and weapons instructor a Field Training Officer, and a member of the Special Response Team. He also was a founding member of the local Fraternal Order of Police.

John held the position of Chapter Secretary from 2003-2005. During this time he created and organized the first annual Hog Roast, with proceeds going to Illinois C.O.P.S. This has been an annual event since. In November of 2005, he took and maintained the leadership position of Chapter President. With the title of President under his belt, John was able to pursue additional goals, and was soon elected the Secretary/Treasurer board member for the Great Lakes Regional Conference (GLRC). He was elected to this position in August 2006.

John loved his wife and family. He loved to ride and he loved the Blue Knights and he will never be forgotten!