S.D. "Luke" Larson
Transferred from WA II

Luke Larson

S.D. “Luke” Larson

Charter Member of Washington Chapter II, Charter Life Member of the Blue Knights, a Retired Sergeant from Sumner, Washington Police Department and an avid motorcyclist his entire life. He owned practically every type of motorcycle; from those damn Harleys’ to his "boy I wish it only had 2 wheels Gold wing trike". Luke was very active in the Chapter and he often dreamed of running for International President. He would often relate how the Blue Knights were his true and only family and that the club would always be dear to him.

He was a kick to ride with, he would fall way back out of sight then come charging back to be in your rear view mirror again. The day he did not come charging back, well it was not bad, but the battery on his Gold wing went dead and we found him along side of the road, extremely red faced and mad. It seems that several Blue Knights stopped to help a brother in trouble and were taking lots of pictures of a “broken wing”, of course all those Knights happened to be riding Milwaukee Iron and that just added insult to injury, for Luke.

Unfortunately Luke’s health would not allow him to live those dreams and he ended life on his own terms. But this is not the end of Luke’s legacy. Having no family except his Blue Knight Brothers and Sisters, he left his entire worth to the Blue Knights. To the Special Fund he donated $25,000.00 and to the Headquarters Association he donated over $108,000.00.

So now we all know “Luke” has the sun at his back, the wind in his face, and no longer feels the pain, riding proudly in with the Heaven I Chapter.

Ride with Pride my friend;

I know you will always be in my rear view mirror, watching over all of us. God Bless you.