Alan H. Kenwood
March 28, 1945 – April 17, 2005

Transferred from NY III

Alan Kenwood

My husband, Al, was a member of Blue Knights NY III for approximately 5 years before he was tragically killed while out enjoying his retirement and riding his motorcycle. He truly enjoyed being a part of a great club and getting involved in the charities and rides.  He just loved riding his motorcycle.

Al retired on September 10, 2001 after 33 years as a police officer.  He was highly respected and affected the lives of many fellow police officers throughout his career.  He was known for always treating everyone with the same regard.  He was, and still is, loved so much by family and friends.  Al was always ready and willing to lend a helping hand, and he had a heart of gold.  Those of us who were lucky enough to know him personally have a lot of fond memories of a very special person.

Al was the husband I had always dreamed of having; unfortunately, we were only together for a brief 10 years before he was taken from me so quickly.  My life will never be same without Al, but the love of our family, friends and our extended police and Blue Knights families, has helped me to continue on without the biggest part of my life.  Every day I miss him more, but I will always have the wonderful memories of our life together and the love and joy he gave me.  He is etched in my heart forever, and will always be my angel from Heaven.

May God bless every member of the Blue Knights and their families!

Allan Kenwood

Allan Kenwood