Joseph W. Jones Jr. (Jinx)
Transferred to Heaven I from OH II

Jim Jones

Joseph W Jones Jr. (Jinx)

Thank you for being our friend, and quickly becoming our Blue Knights DAD! It started in 2004, when Steve became a Blue Knight, and we met for the first time. We quickly became friends and shared our lives and memories together. We learned of your life as a youngster in Arizona. Things you did in High School, and why you never liked to ride a HORSE.

One May a few years ago, Steve had a motorcycle accident and was transported by life-flight to Cleveland. I was lost in Cleveland, and you found me, took me into your home and heart. You quickly became my Blue Knights DAD!

Wow the memories of Blue Knights conferences and vacations we have shared the past 10 years. The stories you have told us, no one would believe, of the adventures you had at the Sheriff's Office, the things you did to help others and some of the stupid stunts you pulled in the past. These memories will stay with us forever.

This last July 2013 you thought you would not attend the Conference in Hot Springs, there was no way you could walk and be able to get around. I borrowed a power wheel chair for you, and we did enjoy our vacation for a week in Arkansas. Who knew it would be our last vacation together. We are your Blue Knights KIDS, and you will always be in our hearts as our Blue Knights DAD.
So you know we have asked Pat, our Blue Knights MOM, to attend the spring conference in Erie Pa, where your name will be called to Duty to Heaven 1. We will always love you,
Thank You for being a special part of our lives...

Jodie and Steve Logan
OHIO II Blue Knights