James "Jimmy" Schneider
(23 Oct 2011)
Transferred to Heaven I from NY XVI

James Schnider Blue Knight


James G. Schneider;

As a Blue Knight, Jimmy was unique,
The open road is what he sought.
The camaraderie of Blue Knights and friends,
Knowing they would always, be there
'Till the very end

When he took that final ride on, October 23, 2011
One thing, he always knew for a fact,
Blue Knights, were there by his side.
For the road he traveled, was a must,
As, he reached the road trips end,
He knew, in his heart,
We would all meet again.

As Jimmy rides down those streets of gold,
Wind in his face, he is free at last.
The troubles are now all past.
Till we meet again,

“Ride With Pride” for eternity

By Sal Salamone
Tri-State Safety Officer

Jimmy Schneider