Paul Dinsdale
(1946 - 1996)
Transferred from ON VIII

Paul Dinsdale

Paul Dinsdale worked for The Military Police. Paul joined the Blue Knights, Ontario VIII in 1983 while posted in the Barrie Ontario Canada area. As with most Federal Law Enforcement agencies in the area transfers are inevitable. Paul was transferred to the Belleville/Trenton Ontario area where after a short absence he rejoined the Blue Knights, Ontario Chapter XIII.

When Paul and his family were transferred back to the Barrie area in 1989 he also returned his membership to Ontario VIII. Paul was an active member until his death on 24 July 1996. One of Paul's son is a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer stationed in Western Canada carrying on the tradition of the family in law enforcement.

Paul's wife Jane, to show their affinity for each other and to the Blue Knights had a photograph of Paul's motorcyle added to his headstone as well as the inscription "We will Ride with Pride Together Again".

We were also proud that Paul was one of the few Blue Knights of First Nation Heritage. He is missed. Jane remains involved with Ontario VIII and is a staunch supporter of the Blue Knights. Janes presence ever reminds us of him.