Blue Knights® Conference and Chapter Contact Information
Last updated: 10-Feb-2014

The Blue Knights® International Motorcycle Club is divided into 11 conferences, each of which covers a particular geographical area. Conferences may span several States, Provinces, or Countries. All chapters must have a minimum of 10 members; however, it is not uncommon to be a member of a chapter with 50-100 members!

This contact database lists ALL chapters world wide with their corporate e-mail so you may communicate with a representative. It has been designed to help you find the closest chapter to your location. We have listed each conference and their chapters with an approximate recognizable location, corporate e-mail and a link to their web page (or Facebook page) if any have been provided.

  • Select the ID number to see the specific chapter information.
  • Select the Conference name to see all the chapters within that Conference.
  • Select the Chapter name to sort all chapters in alphabetical order.
  • Select the Return to World List to bring you back to the beginning.
  • Press the Control Key + F keys together to Search for a word or city. (works most browsers)

In general we have tried to use approximatecharter’ locations if known otherwise the ‘postal mailing’ addresses has been used. In either case if the city displayed is within the chapter boundaries a new member may find you, therefore we have succeeded. Chapter officers will find instructions on how to access your mailbox through the members only section of this website.

Please do not contact the International Officers or Webmaster if a chapter fails to answer your e-mail. It is suggested you contact the Conference to voice your concern.

We have designed GOOGLE pin maps for each conference with the approximate locations of each chapter in the world. This information was gathered from our organizational charter locations using mailing address's to the nearest location. If you are looking to join the Blue Knights® this would be a good place to start for a chapter closest to you.

NOTE: This pin map is updated once a year when the new chapter list is published by H.Q. after the renewal process is completed. Keep in mind this is an approximate area your chapter will cover - not the exact location. Researchers should be able to find your area, then check for your e-mail utilizing our new chapter information database.

Please note that each chapter is responsible for their own website content, design, and hosting. The International Officers or Webmaster are not responsible for the content of neither these sites nor any links from them.